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Marshall Chasin and Associates, hearing specialists

Marshall Chasin and Associates, hearing specialsts



Marshall Chasin and Associates
since 1985

Marshall Chasin and Associates has four clinical facilities to effectively serve the Great Toronto Area with location in the north centre, north west, south centre and south east. Visit our location page for additional information.

Marshal Chasin, AuD, Doctor of Audiology has been a clinical and research audiologist for over 30 years. He, along with associates Shimon Shnaidman, HIS and Anthony Vila, HIS, both of whom have in excess of 15 years experience, have a wealth of knowledge to help our clients find solutions for hearing problems.

Marshall Chasin is the director of research and the chief audiologist for the Musicians' clinics of Canada. Marshall is also a current and a founding member of the Hearing Instrument Review Panel which recommends approval for all new hearing aids in Ontario that will receive funding through the Assistive Devices Program.

We also specialize in hearing health for musicians, for more information, contact us at one of our locations, along with more information available at


Visit us today at one of our four convenient locations in the GTA.

#340 - 340 College Street
416 305-6595

#305 - 4800 Leslie Street
647 308-7958

#304 - 658 Danforth Road
416 305-6595

#426 2065 Finch Avenue W.
416 330-5152



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